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Radu Trufan, president of USR PLUS Maramureș, and Alexa Fircan, mayor of Poienile de Sub Munte commune, were present on Wednesday, July 7, at the work meeting within the project „Joint actions to improve the management and cross-border control of epidemiological indicators in the Ro- UA”. The project is financed by the European Union, with a total value of 1,509,208.49 euros. From these funds, the Poienile de Sub Munte receives 612,193.27 euros.

„It is an important step for the community. The medical field is one that is continuously developing. Both Romania, especially Maramureș County, and Ukraine, the Verkhovyna District Council, respectively the Velykyl Bychkiv Local Council, are interested in this aspect, showing openness as well as concern to provide high-quality medical services to the communities involved. Facilitating access to medical services will have a beneficial effect on the population of the cross-border area”, said Radu Trufan.

Alexa Chifa thanked everyone involved, the medical staff, but also the representatives of the administrations of the two regions, who understood the importance of implementing bilateral projects.
„At the level of our commune, three medical offices will be rehabilitated and remodeled. At the same time, within the project, specialized medical personnel from Ukraine and Maramureș will be trained in obstetrics-gynecology pathology, and awareness and information campaigns will be carried out regarding sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS. Also, an important screening campaign will be organized among the communities included in the project”, emphasized the mayor of Poienile de Sub Munte.
Through this project, the access of young people, and not only, to education, but also to a healthy lifestyle is improved.



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Radu Trufan, președinte USR PLUS Maramureș, și Alexa Fircan, primarul comunei Poienile de Sub Munte, …

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